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Residential Sewer Service in Ontario

Rely on Edgewater Sewer Services Inc. for superior sewage service for homes in Essex County, Chatham-Kent and throughout southern Ontario. We’re the area’s one-stop resource for residential sewer services because we offer a range of services aimed at keeping your home’s sewage systems functioning properly. Schedule an annual maintenance program with us to help catch minor issues before they become costly problems. Contact us today to learn more!

No-Dig Pipe Relining

Using Formadrain® no-dig technology, Edgewater Sewer Services can replace or repair your existing sewer line without digging. This is achieved by inserting a fibreglass liner inside your sewer line that is cured by steam.

This solution is economical (when compared to conventional digging methods), non-disruptive and environmentally safe. We have rehabilitated sump pump discharge lines (1 ½”), sanitary, storm laterals (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8”), pool lines (1 ½, 2”), downspout piping (4”) and vent pipes (2, 4, 6”), just to name a few residential applications.

Video Inspection

Using a colour push camera with a self-levelling head, the team at Edgewater Sewer Services can visually travel through your house’s pipes to find weak points and the origins of sewer system issues. The camera can also provide peace of mind that there are not any issues when moving into a newly built house. Home builders call Edgewater Sewer Services to ensure that the sewer is clear of construction debris and is not damaged. The sewer camera is an important tool when purchasing an older home to ensure that sewer issues are not present.

Video inspections also assist us in determining where the sewer lines are located and their depth. Buried cleanouts can also be found. We can even provide a DVD of your sewer inspection.

Conventional Excavation

Unfortunately, not all problems can be solved using no-dig solutions. Edgewater Sewer Services has the tools and ability to excavate inside a basement or dig outside when necessary.

Our inside work includes:

● Installing backwater valves, sump pump pits, weeping tiles

● Removing building traps, replacing floor drains and more

Outside work includes:

● Installing cleanouts in sanitary or storm sewers

● Installing drainage, catch basins, waterproofing, replacing piping that cannot be relined and more

Pipe Cleaning Services

Edgewater Sewer Services Inc. provides a range of pipe cleaning services to homes in southern Ontario. Our pipe cleaning services include:

● Electric eel cleaning

A number of different sized cutters and attachments are placed in your pipe to ensure a thorough cleaning.

● Water jetting/flushing

High pressure water jets are used to remove blockages and clean your home’s pipes. This service is perfect for kitchen and laundry room sink drain lines, grease trap drain lines, sanitary and storm sewer lines, weeping tiles and more.

Weeping Tile Repair

Over time, weeping tiles in your home can become clogged with dirt, roots and other debris. This can cause wet basements in your home, inviting a multitude of health concerns. Let the experts at Edgewater Sewer Services repair your weeping tile quickly and efficiently using our state of the art tools and drawing from our years of experience.

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