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Trenchless Rehabilitation Solutions for Municipalities

Commercial, Industrial Infrastructure

Trust Edgewater Sewer Services Inc. to provide no-dig solutions for aging sanitary sewers, including mainline and/or laterals, storm sewer mainline and/or leads, rainwater leads, culverts, manholes, structures and more.

Edgewater Sewer Services has been rehabilitating aging infrastructure using cost effective, non-disruptive and environmentally sound techniques for 10 years.

Our services include:

No-Dig Pipe Relining

Ideal applications include:

  • Sanitary and storm mainline (manhole to manhole)

  • Culverts

Key benefits of using PVC fold and form are:

  • No styrene. Product is environmentally safe

  • Liner is manufactured in a controlled environment to desired specification

  • Installation process requires minimal equipment and set-up

No-Dig CIPP Relining

Formadrain® No-Dig Technology

  • Relines pipe diameters from 1 ½ - 48”

  • Ideal applications include:

  • Sanitary and storm laterals, rain water leaders, sanitary and storm mainline spot repairs, lateral/main connections

Key benefits:

  • No styrene. Product is environmentally sound

  • Installation is a no-dig operation utilizing cleanouts and/or manholes available

  • Steam (non-ambient) curing. Typical curing time is less than one hour

Mainline Camera Inspections

  • Mainline camera inspections using WinCan software for reporting

  • Lateral camera inspection using color video and self-levelling camera heads

  • Camera has locating capabilities that will trace the path of sewer line and determine depth

Pipe Cleaning

  • Water jetting of sewer mainlines, laterals, leads and culverts

  • We have specialized nozzles for reaming (lateral protrusion, calcite), root cutting and culvert cutting

Robotic Cutting

  • A specialized robotic cutter will be used to reinstate lateral connections after a mainline has been relined

  • This tool can also be used for protruding laterals and other obstructions

Manhole Rehabilitation

  • Please contact us to discuss our numerous solutions for manhole rehab, which includes epoxy, cementitious, coatings, and grouting.

  • Cementitious lining – An ideal lining solution for diameters 36” and larger, and culvert lining.

No-Dig Spot Repair

  • Rausch Quick Lock, a stainless steel sleeve that can be installed as a spot repair, to repair a faulty joint, and/or stop water infiltration 

  • Formadrain® no-dig technology

Contact us. get your pipes cleaned
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